Ahmet Çalık was granted ‘Knight of Flag Order’ by Albania


Ahmet Çalık, Chairman of Çalık Holding, was granted the ‘Knight of Flag Order’ for his contributions to Albania.

Ahmet Çalık, Chairman of Çalık Holding, operating in the energy, construction, mining, textile, finance, and digital sector, was honored with the Knight of Flag Order which is granted to people who support the sublimation of the Albanian nation and Albania. The medal was presented to Ahmet Çalık by His Excellency the President of Albania Ilir Meta, who personally attended the ceremony.

"Investments from Turkey to Albania are at the level of 3.5 billion dollars"

In his speech at the conferment ceremony, His Excellency Ilir Meta, the President of Albania, said that “Our acquaintance with Ahmet Çalık dates back to 20 years ago. Çalık Holding made its very first investment in Albania with one of the country's deep-rooted banks, which is Banka Kombetare Tregtare (BKT), while I was the prime minister. Çalık Group also plays an active role in sectors other than finance in the country. Standing out as the most effective investor in our country, Ahmet Çalık makes efforts to further strengthen the powerful ties between the two countries. We are aware that he is an outstanding investor in many other countries as well. I would also like to thank him for his investments in Kosovo and Albania. I am happy to present the highest order of The Republic of Albania, Knight of Flag Order, to Mr.Ahmet Çalık. Regarding this well-deserved honor, I kindly request him to maintain his efforts to further reinforcement of these strong relations. Investments from Turkey to Albania are at the level of 3.5 billion dollars, and we know that Ahmet Çalık's personal efforts are also in this figure. He is an exemplary role model for Albania and he plays a crucial role in the presentation of the country”.

“I feel very honored to be granted Knight of Flag Order”

Ahmet Çalık, Chairman of Çalık Holding, in his speech at the ceremony stated that “Today, I am very honored to be granted the Knight of Flag Order, bestowed on me by the honorable President of our friendly and brotherly country Albania, His Excellency Ilir Meta. As Çalık Group, we decided to invest in Albania, which we have historical ties, 15 years ago and we met this beautiful country and its beautiful people. For years, we have continued our activities with the effort to do value-added work in many sectors, and we endure to do so in the finance sector. Albania offers significant opportunities for foreign investors with legal regulations and incentives. All over the world, I mention the great potential of the country and the opportunities at every chance during our meetings and cooperation with the business sector.

In addition, Bahadır Aksoy, Advisor to the Chairman of Çalık Holding, was granted Medal for Special Civil Meritsby His Excellency Ilir Meta, the President of Albania.

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