Çalık Denim Lit the Way Forward for the Sector’s Future with Ever Evolving Talks


Inspired by the motto of Ever Evolving and organized for the third time in Amsterdam by Çalık Denim, one of the leading premium denim manufacturers in the world, 'Ever Evolving Talks by Çalık Denim' has turned into the leading summit of the globe where the future of fashion and denim is discussed. During the event hosting more than 400 participants from various industries and many important figures from the world of denim and fashion participated as speakers, Web 3.0, Metaverse and NFT, post-pandemic consumer behaviour, the approach of brands to the Z generation, and the future of retail and e-commerce were discussed.

Leading the global fashion and denim world with its passion for denim and nearly 40 years of experience, Çalık Denim once again shed light on the future of the industry with its third event, 'Ever Evolving Talks by Çalık Denim', at the Theater Amsterdam. This year in the event, which is the only international platform of the industry and getting an award at Global Business Excellence Awards in 2021, myriad of topics such as new generation consumer behaviours, new Z generation communication approaches of brands, post-pandemic retail and e-commerce, the future of humanity and sustainability were discussed in addition to global digital developments such as Web 3.0, Metaverse and NFT. The world's leading and pioneering thought leaders of their fields and visionary professionals of global fashion giants shared their inspiring insights and global trends, and shed light on the future of the fashion and denim world. Çalık Denim once again demonstrated its visionary and pioneering position in the global denim world with this third of its kind event.

Speakers has shaped the future of the sector

In the ‘Ever Evolving Talks by Çalık Denim’, moderated by ‘Brand Guru’ and entrepreneur BJ Cunningham, The Bear Scouts Founding Partner and Member of Ganni Responsibility Board Dio Kurazawa moderated ‘There Have Been Significant and Permanent Changes in Consumer Behaviour During the Pandemic. How Should Brands Respond?’ panel. Panel speaker Jide Osifeso, Reebok Senior Artistic Marketing Director and the founder of the fashion brand HYMNE, shared the importance of understanding the needs of Generation Z from the perspective of the brand, and reaching this generation with the right channels and methods, with his identity as a designer, creative and entrepreneurial. Another panel speaker, Onno Oldeman, Managing Partner and Global Executive Board Member at Simon-Kucher & Partners, talked about the changes and latest trends in consumer behaviour after the pandemic.

Entrepreneur Maxine Bédat, Director of the New Standard Institute and Brand Strategist for Sustainability, discussed the facts and ways to secure a sustainable future and humanity's future. Gerd Leonhard, one of the world's leading futurists, received great attention from the participants by sharing the most up-to-date global developments with studies and examples on 'changing consumer trends after the pandemic, the future of retail and e-commerce'.

The digital future of the global and the industry was discussed.

Jeremy Dalton, Head of Metaverse Technologies at PwC clarified the recent global discussion topics of Web 3.0, Metaverse and NFT and made recommendations that will help the industry to successfully implement virtual world technologies, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and examples from leading brands in global developments in this field.

In the one-on-one session titled “Metaverse, A New Beginning for Responsible Fashion” led by Dio Kurazawa; the Founder and CEO of the Digital Fashion Institute, Leanne Elliot-Young, shared thoughts on the metaverse in the fashion world and sustainable solutions in digitalization with NFT.

“We will be the pioneers of the Turkish denim industry to be heard more in the global arena”

General Manager of Çalık Denim, Serhat Karaduman, commented on the event with the following words: “At the third organization of Ever Evolving Talks by Çalık Denim, we listened to what awaits our industry in the future with the participation of the leading brands and manufacturers of the fashion and denim world, as well as the leading fashion schools and platforms in the industry, inspired by the globally leading speakers in their fields. We talked about how we should prepare for the future in order to move the industry forward in all areas that are closely related to our industry, such as today's rapidly changing world, consumer behavior and the new generation, digitalization and responsible fashion. We also evaluated how different sectors and fashion giants prepare for change, and what innovations, technologies and approaches they focus on. Our event has turned into an organization with the exchanges of valuable information, experiences, technological innovations and most importantly knowledge for the future of the fashion and denim world. As Çalık Denim, we have guided the development of many technological products and production technologies in the sector with a focus on digitalization and sustainability, as well as gaining brand new experience and information with the whole sector with the Ever Evolving Talks by Çalık Denim platform, and in addition to Çalık Denim we will lead the Turkish denim industry to be heard more in the global arena."

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