‘Fresh Air for Future Generations’ Project from YEDAŞ


Employees of YEDAŞ have planted over 10.000 trees at a memorial forest created in Çorum.

YEDAŞ, which has realized its social responsibilities at full speed in addition to provide quality and sustainable energy supply in Samsun, Ordu, Çorum, Amasya and Sinop, has created a memorial forest in the Deniz Village of Çorum, with the slogan of “zero carbon”.

Our goal is Zero Waste

YEDAŞ General Manager Hasan Yasir Bora stated that they were doing their utmost to join projects developed to protect natural life and sustainability and added “As an environmentally sensitive company, we carry our work at full speed and continue on our way with a new project. As YEDAŞ Family, we are creating a ‘Memorial Forest’ to bring a breath and a planted tree to this world. We greatly value nature and the environment. We observe that our subscribers in our region also approach environmental issues with great sensitivity. By planting 10.000 trees to our memorial forest, we take another step towards our goal of becoming a “Zero-Carbon” company. We will continue to fulfill our obligations towards our customers as well as to our nature and environment.”

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