Çalık Group Companies have in place a well-defined, common recruitment procedure. The foremost criteria in the process include the educational background, technical knowledge and skills, experience and competencies required by the position.

We place “Our Values”, which guide us in all our actions and relationships, also at the heart of our recruitment process, take them as a guide and prefer to work with candidates that bear our shared values and who can adapt to our Group culture.

Our Values

  • Fairness
  • Human Focus (Customers & Employees)
  • Reputation
  • Sincerity
  • Innovation
  • Agility
  • Sustainability (Business & Environment)

Various assessment tools as required by each position may be used in the recruitment activities carried out under the “Çalık Group Recruitment Procedure” for newly graduated or experienced candidates. Typically, these assessment tools include:

  • Verbal and mathematical skill tests,
  • English proficiency test,
  • Case studies,
  • Assessment Center Practices,
  • Personality inventories,
  • Competence-based Interviews.

Throughout the process, our candidates are informed by our Corporate Human Resources via the relevant portals and/or telephone, e-mail.

Upon completion of the assessment process, candidates that were deemed suitable may either be presented with a job offer by the relevant Group Company or informed that their information would be kept in our pool and followed for future assessment.

Çalık Career

You may follow the status of your mandatory internship applications or notifications concerning the structured internship program at our companies on the respective portals and websites of our companies.

Recruitment processes of inexperienced candidates are structured based on the specific position, and includes the use of assessment tools such as verbal and mathematical skill tests, English proficiency test, case studies etc.

Candidates with minimum two (2) years of work experience are considered as experienced / professional candidates. Assessment tools may be employed in accordance with the requirements of each position in the recruitment of professional candidates.