Çalık Holding owes its sustainable success first and foremost to the adoption and implementation of its corporate values and business principles by its Group companies. The synergies created by Çalık Holding companies and adoption of corporate goals by their employees as their personal goals secures a decisive, strong, and reliable position for the Group in every sector it operates. Çalık Holding means giving priority to adding the highest value in its employees, customers, stakeholders and the community in the business processes planned in line with its principles of fairness, transparency, accountability, and responsibility.

Since its inception, Çalık Holding has always maintained its dynamism, setting an example for the business world with the courage and resolve it showed in both the exploration of new business areas and the introduction of innovations in its existing areas. Spread across all Group companies, this dynamism –coupled with a qualified human resource and a high caliber management team– affords a significant competitive edge.

Incorporating Çalık Holding’s entrepreneurial spirit, “Çalık” brand is the culmination of a deep-rooted know-how, making a difference both in Turkey and the world with the corporate principles and values it stands for. Each Holding company sincerely adapts and projects on its respective product and service offering the brand values and always aims for superior quality and efficiency. Building their organizations on the dynamic structure of “Çalık” brand, Group companies keep a close eye on new investment opportunities and practices in their respective sectors, and successfully implement them.