Underlying our standing as one of the finest institutions in Turkey in employee satisfaction and engagement is the devotion we demonstrate on our path to success, as Members of Çalık Family. Working with devotion adds to our shared success as well as responsibilities. In this diverse family, we show respect to one another. The roof we work under is more of a home than an office to us, and our colleagues are our family. It is our sincerity and loyalty that puts that ubiquitous smile on our faces. And it is those smiling faces that makes Çalık Holding a big family.


Bilge Çevik

Çalık Holding Corporate Communications Specialist

I am happy to be a part of works that will add lasting value to the society for 3 years in Çalık, where I started my business life. For me, being a member of Çalık Family means working to be a part of a sustainable society by constantly developing in a friendly, peaceful and enjoyable business environment.

Hatice Gençer Yel

Çalık Holding Budget Planning and Reporting Chief

Being a member of Çalık family is to conduct impressive project and be the pioneer of development and change. It has been a unique experience for me to contribute to the Çalık Holding for six years.

Emine Atlas İzgi

Çalık Holding Corporate Communications Manager

There is entrepreneurship, modesty and diversity in Çalık Group's DNA. Members of Çalık Family know that every Çalık member is a valuable and equal member of this family with the principle of "human first". As a member of Çalık Family for 8 years, I can say there is priceless value to focus on your work with peace and confidence instead of worries in business life at Çalık. That is why being a member of Çalık Family means working from the heart.

Koray Balkaya

Çalık Enerji Corporate Communications Manager  

Being a member of Çalık Family means not forgetting our responsibilities towards nature while aiming for the projects we implement so as to benefit people. I am more than happy to be a part of this community, which embraces sustainability as one of its corporate values and acts with the mission of building a new future.

Tuba Sezgin Küçük

Çalık Holding Budget Planning and Reporting Manager 

I have been working at Çalık Holding for 4 years. I am happy to be a part of this big family that works wholeheartedly and respects each other. For me, being a member of Çalık Family means being proud to be part of a team that has achieved great success. I believe we will achieve even greater success as the Smiling Faces of Çalık.

Çalık with Figures

Çalık Group provides services in six sectors with a competent and dynamic human resource including nearly 14,000 employees that play an important role in Turkey’s integration into the global economy as well as its international competitiveness, robust financial structure, respected business partners, and high quality projects.

Information dated 28.02.2022