Çalık Academy Launched


In cooperation with Sabancı University EDU, Çalık Holding Human Resources Group Presidency has launched the Çalık Academy, which will include trainings designed for the development of leaders who will shape the future of the Group.

In his opening speech, Ahmet Çalık, Çalık Holding Chairman, said: "We established the Çalık Academy to help our employees maximise their potential and performance and to encourage their development. Based on our values and Çalık DNA competencies, our aim at the Çalık Academy is to provide equal opportunities in education and to support our employees discover their potential, improve their talents and reach their career goals." Following the opening speech, Ahmet Kumbasar, President of Human Resources Group at Çalık Holding, Gonca Börekçi Baybaş, Director at Sabancı University EDU and Sırma Germirli, Development Consultant at Sabancı University EDU, made presentations.

As a strategic tool for the Çalık Group to achieve its business goals, the Çalık Academy aims to strategically align learning with workflow, help the development of the organisation's brand and culture and promote it among employees.

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