Çalık Holding Mobilized with All Its Means to Heal the Wounds of the Earthquake


Çalık Holding continues to meet the needs of earthquake victims in coordination with public institutions and aid organizations in the disaster area in order to heal the wounds of the great earthquake disaster that our country has experienced.

On the first day of the earthquake, an emergency response team consisting of 54 people from the mining companies and 105 people from electricity distribution companies operating under Çalık Holding participated in search and rescue efforts in coordination with AFAD. Using the software of the Group’s energy companies, 47 machines in the pool were activated and sent to earthquake zones.

With 200 trucks to meet the shelter and basic needs of earthquake victims, tents of various sizes, blankets, beds, water, food, hygiene materials, consumables, thermal clothing, heaters, 51 generators of different capacities and fuel were sent to the area.

Çalık Holding provides daily accommodation for nearly 2000 people, hot meals for 5000 people, and water and tea service 24 hours a day in the earthquake zone. The installation of 4 mobile kitchens with a total capacity to feed up to 4600 people started in the region. Prioritizing the construction of living spaces of 5000 people for permanent accommodation, it started the installation of 1100 containers. Nearly 200 Çalık Group employees volunteer to contribute to the relief efforts in the earthquake zone.

Ahmet Çalık Foundation provided financial support to aid organizations working in the region, especially AFAD and the Turkish Red Crescent. Çalık Holding, on the other hand, donated TL 20 Million to the "Turkey One Heart" campaign.

The total value of the in-kind and cash donations of Çalık Holding and its companies has reached TL 200 million.

In the forthcoming period, we will maintain our mobilization by increasing permanent solutions, and with the coordination of AFAD and the Turkish Red Crescent, we will continue to heal the wounds of our country together.

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