International Success of the Çalık Group Companies


Çalık Enerji and Gap İnşaat, the Çalık Group companies conducting projects that add value to human life in every geopgraphy they operate, have been awarded the Overseas Contracting Services Award by the Turkish Contractors Association.

Çalık Enerji and Gap İnşaat, companies of the Çalık Group, received awards at the International Contracting Services Award Ceremony, which was organized by the Turkish Contractors Association and where the success of companies entering the list of the worldwide reference construction industry magazine ENR was rewarded.Çalık Holding Chairman Ahmet Çalık received the awards from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on behalf of Çalık Enerji and Gap İnşaat. Ahmet Çalık was the only businessperson to receive twoawards at the ceremony. Çalık Enerji and Gap İnşaat performed a global success by being ranked 117th and 168th subsequently in the 2022 "Top 250 International Contractors" list prepared by ENR.

Çalık Holding and its companies prioritize diversity, sustainability and durability in all sectors and geographies in which they operate; act with the principle of treating all cultures, beliefs, ethnicities, and genders equally and adopt a business approach that respects the environment. Known for its reputation, reliability, and long-term cooperation with international companies in various regions of the world, Çalık Holding develops innovative business models and progresses by ensuring sustainable growth in its business areas.

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